Solicitation for Presentation Proposals

WI ASLA is now accepting presentation proposals for the 2019 Annual Spring Conference. We are looking for a diverse range of topics that not only satisfy our continuing education requirements for licensure, but continue our lifelong learning and inspire us.

This year’s conference theme is Faces of the Landscape. The diversity of the Landscape Architecture practice is vast, ranging in scale and specialty from residential design to city and regional planning. Faces of the Landscape sets to celebrate the diversity of Landscape Architecture, people and projects that are increasingly guided by ecosystems thinking, paying homage to history, focused on storytelling and emphasize user experience in their practice. While we are open to all topics of interest to our attendees, we also want the theme to inspire our prospective presenters and keynotes to create a dialogue relating to these timely topics.

The quality of the Spring Conference is in large part due to the dedication of our volunteer presenters. We’re excited to see what landscape architects and allied professionals from Wisconsin and the Midwest have in store for us in 2019.

Benefits of Presenting at the Spring Conference:

  1. Speaking at WI ASLA’s premier event is an opportunity to share your experience, research, lessons learned, and inspiration with your peers.
  2. Presenters receive a significantly reduced registration fee of $75 to attend the full conference.
  3. Those interested in presenting but not attending the conference – No Fee.
  4. WI ASLA will LACES certify your presentation
  5. Qualifies for one continuing education hour toward maintaining your State of Wisconsin landscape architecture license.
  6. Who doesn’t need more practice with public speaking? Really…who doesn’t?

Interested in being a presenter!