Solicitation for Presentation Proposals

WI ASLA 50 & Forward - 2020 Conference 
February 19 & 20, 2020
Union South, 1308 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 


Dear Potential Presenters; 

We are very excited about the 2020 WI ASLA conference theme and hope you will consider contributing to the celebration!  WI ASLA became its own chapter in 1970, previously part of a larger group.  We hope to celebrate all that WI Landscape Architecture is and focus on the future of what landscape architecture contributes to society as well as our homes, neighborhoods, communities, state, region, nation and world.  

As always, presenters will receive a reduced rate for the attending the conference; and if you are only presenting there is of course no fee, just our gratitude.

Based on feedback from our attendees we are looking for presenters who can incorporate some of the following into presentations:  

  1. Lessons learned or issues and solutions
  2. Attendees like interaction
  3. Attendees are focused on what practical knowledge they will gain from your presentation.
  4. How does your topic apply to all scales and types of landscape architecture?
  5. Do you have special knowledge in any of the following topics?  We are looking for submissions for topics including but not limited to: soils, plants/trees, erosion control, irrigation, benefits of nature, ethics and resilient communities. 

Additional information and things to keep in mind for your presentation:

  1. Presentations will be 50 minutes long with an additional 10 minutes for questions.  This is a requirement to meet LA CES certification.
  2. WI ASLA will be certifying your presentation via LA CES.  
  3. A friendly reminder to insure your presentation is informative and engaging….not a sales pitch. We want each of our sessions to be a high quality education experience for our attendees.
  4. Each session room is set up with a computer and projector.  
  5. Bring a laser pointer if you have one.  The rooms may or may not have these.
  6. Each breakout session time provides attendees with the choice between two presentations.  Attendance numbers typically range between 40 and 70 people per session.
  7. Each session will have a moderator to introduce you and help keep time. 

Presentation proposals ARE DUE September 20, 2019.  Email the Continuing Education Presentation form to [email protected].

The form is below

Please consider submitting an application to be a presenter at the spring conference. If you know someone who would be a good fit, please share the submission information with them and encourage them to submit. We look forward to your contribution in making this conference a success.

Interested in being a presenter!