Reimagining Warner Beach: Conceptual Design Contest

January 15, 2018
12:00 AM

Warner Beach - Madison Parks

Clean Lakes Alliance, in partnership with Madison Community Foundation and City of Madison Parks, is launching a conceptual design contest to reimagine Warner Beach. The greater Madison region has 25 named beaches and access points on the five Yahara lakes, as well as dozens of street-end pocket parks. These publicly-owned gateways to the lakes – open to the entire community – are beaches, piers, boat landings, and parks scattered along 58 miles of shoreline and 28 square miles of surface water. Unfortunately, they are often underused and underfunded.

Clean Lakes Alliance aims to foster a renewed investment and pride in our local beaches through the “Back to the Beach” initiative designed to highlight our lakeshore parks’ assets and identify opportunities for improvement. The conceptual design contest calls for all participants to envision a future for Warner Beach in which the area is enhanced in terms of water quality, sustainability, community access and placemaking; promoting health, happiness and well-being.

Our goal with this design contest is to start a community conversation about how to create stronger connections to the lakes and to create grassroots action to advocate for cleaner and healthier beaches. At the end of the design contest, the top conceptual design submissions will be presented to the Madison community for input on desirable amenities, sustainability features, access and water quality improvements. The designs and community’s input will help inform future planning efforts at Warner Beach, and Greater Madison lakeside parks and beaches in general.