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President's Message

This past October at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia we had the honor of seeing our very own Shawn Kelly, FASLA not only be sworn in as ASLA President for the next year, but also receive the ASLA President’s Medal. The ASLA President's Medal is awarded each year to an ASLA member for unselfish and devoted service to ASLA at the national level.

Unselfish and devoted. Two words that describe Shawn perfectly.

Like many, Shawn was and is an instructor of ours at UW-Madison. His calm, inspiring presence and his passion for landscape architecture infiltrates more than the eager students who absorb every drop in studio. His passion shines brightly through every facet of ASLA and the profession of landscape architecture where he unselfishly serves as a teacher and mentor to countless individuals and leaders within the organization.  How many of us have been unknowingly “nudged” by Shawn in a certain direction along our professional journey because of something he said or did? How many have joined ASLA or have stepped into leadership roles because of his inspiration?

There is no one more deserving of these two honors. Congratulations Shawn and thank you for your devoted service to ASLA and the UW-Madison Department of Planning & Landscape Architecture.


Jonathan L. Bronk, PLA ASLA
WI ASLA Chapter President

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Shawn T. Kelly, FASLA, Installed As New President of ASLA

Kelly was sworn in during the October 22 President’s Dinner at the ASLA 2018 Annual Meeting and EXPO in Philadelphia. In his remarks at the dinner, Kelly outlined his vision for the Society and the role of landscape architects in addressing such critical environmental issues as the growing worldwide scarcity of potable water. He also called upon members to help him raise public awareness about the profession.

“ASLA is growing in scope and reach, as it must to be the voice of our ever-changing profession,” Kelly said. “While we must honor our roots, our ‘why’, we also need to embrace the opportunities for progress. We are, in fact, a vehicle for that positive change. We must also be the authors for that positive change.”

Congratulations Shawn!

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Congratulations 2018 ASLA Award Winners!

Shawn T. Kelly, FASLA was surprised to receive the ASLA President's Medal prior to being sworn in as American Society of Landscape Architecture President. Shawn received the honor from the immediate Past President Greg Miller, FASLA for his unselfish and devoted service to ASLA.

Brenda Williams of Quinn Evans Architects and Dan Williams of MSA Professionals Services, Inc. win an honor award in Analysis and Planning from the American Society of Landscape Architecture for their work on Iowa Blood Run. Please join us in congratulating Brenda and Dan on their achievements, we are proud that they call Wisconsin home.

Gary Brown, FASLA accepts the honor award in Analysis and Planning from the American Society of Landscape Architecture for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Master Plan: Extending Our History, Embracing Our Future. Please join us in congratulating the University of Wisconsin-Madison, SmithGroup (Team Lead) + Hoerr Schaudt on their achievements.

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Student Chapter/UW DPLA News

Annual Conference Recap: Last year’s National ASLA Conference in Los Angeles was the first National ASLA Conference many of us had attended. We were so inspired by the community that is created through the gathering of professionals, expo showcase companies, student chapter ASLA groups and everyone that makes the conference possible, that we wanted to make sure to bring a part of our Wisconsin student chapter to share with everyone. The idea of the canvas was born through one of our first club meetings, specifically our welcome meeting. As we all got to know one another in the comfort of one of our living rooms, everyone in attendance had the opportunity to sketch ideas for the canvas we were to bring to Philadelphia. The final product is a collaboration of many people’s sketches and in true Landscape Architect fashion, was purposefully meant to be an interactive piece of art. As a result of our effort, many alumni and event attendees had a fun time participating in our art piece! The Student Chapter ended up winning second place for school spirit at the Alumni tailgate. We thank everyone who was involved in making our trip possible and creating a Wisconsin presence at the conference. The Wisconsin spirit was strong! With our student chapter’s winnings, we’ll be in San Diego for the next National Conference in 2019. Hope to see you there! Cheers!



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ANOVA 2019 LARE Grant Competition

Eligible candidates can enter to win a $1,000 grant to fund their Landscape Architecture Registration Exam during 2019. TEN grants will be awarded! Candidates must be nominated by a licensed landscape architect in order to be eligible.

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Save the date! Our next LARE review session is scheduled for early February at the Pyle Center in Madison. The session will run Friday evening 6-9 pm and Saturday 9-5 pm. If anyone is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact WI ASLA for more information.

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Save the Date/2019 WI ASLA Spring Conference: Feb 27-28

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5 Years

Chris Ruditys, Affiliate ASLA

30 Years

William A. Bauer, ASLA

Steven J. Berg Sr., ASLA

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