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A Letter from the President / DSPS Final Licensure Report

Click here to view WI ASLA President Jonathan Bronk's letter to membership regarding the DSPS Final Licensure Report. 

ASLA Update: DSPS Releases Final Licensure Report

The Wisconsin DSPS has issued it's final licensure report. They recommended 28 licenses for elimination and Landscape Architecture is NOT recommended for elimination. This is no doubt the result of all the hard work and advocacy ASLA has done over the past two years. The full report can be found here

The DSPS makes general recommendations for future licensure reform efforts on page 39 of the report. This includes recommendations that legislators consider conducting more in-depth studies on certain occupations where reform may be warranted, implementing sunrise or sunset reviews, working with border states to find ways to improve license portability and accepting national credentials in lieu of requiring a separate license or exam.

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USGBC West North Central SITES Collaborative Group

We are looking for interested individuals to participate in the USGBC West North Central SITES Collaborative group. This regional SITES Collaborative would be a group of key stakeholders interested in leadership roles focused on promoting built environments that are well planned, designed, developed and maintained to protect and enhance the benefits we derive from healthy functioning landscapes. The collaborative will start out by determining its mission and learning about the SITES program to better assist our community.

More information contact Christa Schaefer treasurer@wiasla.com

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SITES Collaboration overview